Illinois Gold Seal Chapter of Merit
Hollis and Guy Kitty Award

Chapter Number
Report Prepared By:  

Approved by (Chapter Adviser):  _________________________


At least 9 of 12 items below must be complete, all questions must be answered.  Indicate by a check the applicable statements:

1. Paid state and national dues by October 20.
2. Conducted projects or programs identified with the goals of FBLA-PBL.
3. Recruited Professional Members
4. Sent representatives to FBLA conferences sponsored by the state chapter and national association.
5. Participated in Business Achievement Awards Program

Encouraged other schools to organize FBLA, FBLA-Middle Level, or PBL chapters. 
(What did your chapter do?)

7. Participated in State and National projects for the current year.

Planned and conducted visits to business and industry
(Where did the members go?)

Conducted financial development projects, if allowed by school administration. 
What were the financial projects?
10. Invited businesspersons and other professionals to become involved in chapter activities
11. Promoted FBLA-PBL
12. Conducted a public relations program in the school and community and documented the activities with newspaper clippings and reports of radio/TV coverage.


The entry form for Outstanding chapter can be found at the National FBLA website. A copy of your Local Chapter Annual Business Report must be uploaded to your school designated Dropbox no later than February 15, 2018.