Illinois Outstanding Chapter Award

The Robert T. Stickler Award

Chapter Number

Approved by:  _________________________ (Chapter Adviser)

DIRECTIONS:  Determine the proper number of points applicable for each activity and write that number in the right-hand column. 

To be eligible, one copy of the Local Chapter Annual Business Report which meets the guidelines for that event must be uploaded for that event.


Organizing and installing or reactivating an FBLA/PBL Chapter:  Enter # of chapters:    (50 pts each)

Current Officers
National Officers -- Enter # of officers:    (75 pts each)
State Officers -- Enter # of officers:    (50 pts each)
Area Officers -- Enter # of officers:    (25 pts each)


Membership dues paid to State and National by October 20. (25 pts)
News for State Scrapbook by March 1 (20 pts)
News for State Newsletter published before State Conference. (20 pts)

2017 State Leadership Conference

Attendance of Chapter (50 pts)
Check the State Events Sheet below (25 pts ea)
State Officer Candidate (20 pts ea)

2016 National Fall Leadership Conference

Attendance of Chapter (50 pts)

2016 National Leadership Conference

Attendance of Chapter (50 pts)
Check National Events Sheet below (25 pts ea)
Check for a candidate elected office, if not elected (25 pts)
Check National Programs Sheet below (25 pts ea)

2016 Summer Leadership Workshop

Attendance of Chapter (50 pts)


Please check each event in which your Chapter will be participating at the 2017 Illinois FBLA State Leadership Conference and those national events that you participated in at the 2016 National Conference.

2017 State 2016 National Event
3D Animation
Accounting I
Accounting II
American Enterprise Project
Banking and Financial Systems
Business Calculations
Business Communications
Business Ethics
Business Financial Plan
Business Law
Business Plan
Client Services
Community Service Project
Computer Applications
Computer Game and Simulation Programming
(2017 - Coding & Programming)
Computer Problem Solving
Database Design and Applications
Desktop Application Programming
Digital Video Production
Electronic Career Portfolio
Emerging Business Issues
FBLA Principles and Procedures
Future Business Leader
Gold Seal Chapter Award of Merit
Global Business
Graphic Design
Health Care Administration
Help Desk
Hospitality Management
Impromptu Speaking
Insurance and Risk Management
Introduction to Business
Introduction to Business Communication
Introduction to Business Presentation
Introduction to Business Procedures
Introduction to Financial Math
Introduction to Information Technology
Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure
Job Interview
Local Chapter Annual Business Report
Management Decision Making
Management Information System
Mobile Application Development
Network Design
Networking Concepts
  Organizational Leadership
Parliamentary Procedure
Partnership with Business
Personal Finance
Public Service Announcement
Public Speaking I
Public Speaking II
Publication Design
Sales Presentation
Securities and Investments
Social Media Challenge
Sports and Entertainment Management
Spreadsheet Applications
State Chapter Annual Business Report
Virtual Business Challenge
Website Development
Who's Who in FBLA
Word Processing
Largest Local Chapter Member -- Professional Division
Local Recruitment of Chapters
March of Dimes - Most money raised on a per capita basis and/or most creative original idea for fundraising
March of Dimes - Public health program
Legislative Advisory Council Recognition Award
Mary E. Webb Award
Participants in the "Battle of the Area"
Raffle Tickets for Prize Drawing and/or 50/50 Tickets
"SCRITS" Networking with Business Project
State President's Membership Award
State Project -- American Enterprise Day
State Project -- FBLA-PBL Week
State Project -- Go Green Project
State Project -- In Praise of Age (Connecting Generations)
State Project -- Spring up the Middle Level
Talent Show

Mark the following if your FBLA Chapter participated in these programs since the last state conference.

The Stock Market Game
Donated to National Scholarship Fund
Distinguished Business Leader Scholarship
FBLA Market Share Award -- must have submitted form
Membership Madness -- at least one member submitted
Membership Mania -- at least one member submitted
Membership Achievement Award
100% class participation award
Johnson & Wales University Scholarship

Connecting Chapters--With what FBLA-PBL chapter did your chapter connect with?

Economics for Leaders
DataMatch Scholarship
Berkley College Scholarship
Mission Lift Grant

Individual Member Recognition Program--Business Achievement Awards--at least one member submitted

Virtual Business Challenge
Job Shadow Day
Junior Tours
Join Hands Day, May 6
American Enterprise Day, November 15
Kendall College Scholarship
Knowledge Matters Scholarship

McKelvey Fourndation

NCCPAP/AICPA Scholarship

NFIB Young Entrepreneur Awards

Pennsylvania College of Technology

University of the Ozarks

University of Sourthern California-Summer Seminars Scholarship

This entry form must be uploaded to your school designated Dropbox no later than February 15, 2017.